The liberty of ingenuity.
Liberty One.

Liberty One – The Shipping Company – is a young company. A company founded on traditional knowledge and experience in maritime shipping yet completely attuned to the times. The new face of modern shipping. Young, vibrant and astute, Liberty One fosters the qualities needed to move our clients and partners well into the future.

The liberty of the long term. We're not in it for the short haul. That's why all we do is based on personal commitment and transparency in all circumstances – establishing solid trust for the long term. The liberty of efficiency. It's a new world out there. Rigid customs and old habits may die hard elsewhere but our approach reflects our modern times. Which makes us far more flexible, needsoriented and responsive. In a word: efficient. For today and especially for tomorrow. The liberty of opportunity. Different market phases create new opportunities, good contacts open exciting doors. While we take advantage of both, we also proceed carefully – we're not looking to turn a quick buck but are instead focused on long-term and lasting success. The liberty of pri nciples. Operating efficiently allows us to champion fair partnerships and business practices, for instance when taking over ships from entities struggling with difficult situations. Our ultimate aim is not to exploit but to take advantage of opportunity fairly. When both sides benefit, everyone wins. The liberty of responsibility. Working toward the future means working responsibly in all our dealings with clients, partners, employees and the earth itself. When potential gains rooted in reasonable solutions emerge to benefit any side of that equation, we always gladly go the extra mile. We see responsibility not as our duty, but as our underlying purpose.